Bad things come in threes…or so I thought

I sometimes wonder if we even had winter at all this year. I think I wore my winter coat twice, and both times were while I was visiting my brother and his family up in New York. The weather may not have come in like a lion this March, but life certainly has in the past few weeks. Bad things are supposed to come in threes, right? Wrong! One, two, three bad things happen, and I say to myself that HAS to be the end of that bad luck streak. A few days pass and  BAZINGA! Life threw another one in there for giggles, probably just because I didn’t see it coming. Lesson learned, universe. I will never again assume the worst is over.

Doodle Bug and I were up visiting my family in Northern Virginia so that I could go to Weecycled Wardrobe consignment sale. Her 24 month clothes stash was seriously lacking for next fall, so I wanted to go pick up some things to round out her wardrobe. I was able to pick up 12 books, six toys, a few pairs of shoes, and probably around 20 outfits for Doodle bug all for $60 bucks. If you are interested in the next one, here is the link for Weecycled Wardrobe.

The universe probably thought I was riding too high on my horse after my epic shopping win and decided to throw me my first curve ball. My fabulous sister volunteered to watch doodle bug for me so that I could get my hair cut.  I was sitting in the hair salon (the white whale of a rare treat for me), I had just had a glorious shampoo and head massage, my hair was half-way chopped off, and the secretary from up front tells me I have a phone call at the front desk. Uh-oh. Phone calls directly to an establishment (because I couldn’t hear my phone ringing) are never a good thing. Kevin had called my mom to have her try to reach me, because he was in the emergency room in Norfolk. No other details. Just, “Kevin called, he hurt his arm(?) and he is in the emergency room.” I finished getting my hair cut (because seriously…my hair was half gone) and hurried home to where my dad was waiting to drive Doodle bug and me back to Portsmouth. Kev was supposed to come that night to pick us up and drive home the next day, but with his being on meds, we had to change plans. So apparently, Kev had to go to the ER because he was using a bolt cutter at work and he sprained his elbow. The muscles were so inflamed that they were cutting off the circulation in his arm.  He’s fine now. Just a little bit of pain after a few days of meds and relaxation.

Bad thing number two, you ask? The very next day, Kevin starts coughing. Not like *cough*… *cough* “oh excuse me I have a tickle in my throat” coughing. More like *hack, wheeze, cough, wheeze, hack, hack, WHEEEZE* “I think I have the black lung, Pop” kind of coughing. Saturday morning I convinced him to go to the Urgent Care. Surprise, surprise, the hellish pollen that this ridiculously early Spring has sprung upon us, caused him to go into a full-blown allergic reaction and his lungs were seizing. It took a steroid shot, an inhaler, and two breath nebulizer treatments to even get his breathing back to normal. The doctor couldn’t believe how little air he was getting. Once again, he’s fine now. He has an inhaler to help when he starts wheezing.

Bad thing number three. I’m not going to go into details, but some stressful things are happening for Kevin at work that I’m sure he wouldn’t want to me to broadcast to the blogosphere.

For about six glorious hours, I thought all bad things were over. Bad things come in threes. Bad things are supposed to come in threes. Think again. We get home from a trip to the store and “DING” the car makes that horrible “there is something wrong with your engine” noise. Coolant fluid had burst all over the driveway like a pregnant woman breaks her water (I would know). The intense heat that day (mid eighties) compared to the temperature of the days before caused our one and only car’s coolant hose to literally burst. So now, our car is in the shop and we had to shell out $300 to rent a car for a week. Between Kevin’s trips to the ER and the Urgent Care and our car breaking, we are probably out about $1000. I guess it’s a good thing I saved so much money at Weecycled Wardrobe.

I know that today is the official first day of spring, but really, I think I’ve had enough already. Bring it on, summer. You can’t do much worse.


2 thoughts on “Bad things come in threes…or so I thought

  1. Mindy says:

    Aww Kristi that sounds terrible! I am so sorry Kevin has been having such a tough time. Is he doing better now? I wish I was still there to help ya out. Maybe this just means you’ve had all of your bad luck for spring and the rest of the season will be glorious! Thats what I think! Keep your head up sunshine!

    • musesweetmusings says:

      Thanks, Mindy =] Yeah, he has definitely had a rough time of it these past few days/weeks. He’s doing a lot better now. He’s still not 100% because of the pollen, but he’s definitely better!

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