No Bake Mousse Pie

I really need to be better about setting time aside for myself to do more baking and blogging. Life has a funny way of interfering with my plans far too often though. Sometimes I would rather just sit with a good book and a cup of tea when the little one is down to sleep at night instead of pulling out all of my baking stuff and getting the kitchen dirty again. The past two weeks, however, we have been legitimately busy doing some home renovation projects that took up far too much of our time and made my house uninhabitable for a while.

For four days our house looked like an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive. We had to take all of our storage stuff out of the attic. Kevin needed to remove the old insulation out of the attic before we could install the new insulation. When I say “we” I mean Kevin had to. I couldn’t help him because I had to watch Doodle Bug.  Kev had to remove about 70 years worth of flattened, moldy insulation, animal nest debris, and enough lumber to build a backyard club house. We found some crazy things in the attic. The coolest things we found were a Shipyard Laborers Union stamp book from the 1950s and a solid brass candle votive. Everything else up there was crap and went straight to the dump. It took him about 5 days total, but our house now has insulation both in the attic and under the floor boards. The difference has been amazing, and I am so excited to see the difference in our power bill. We were losing so much money through our floorboards and attic. No longer I say!

We also have a brand new facade to our house! Kevin took down the old shutters and installed new black vinyl shutters and a new porch light. We also have an amazing new tile on our front stoop. The old stuff was cracking and sliding off because the man who owned the house before us laid down the tile with caulking. Caulking! The man was a moron. The only thing holding it to the stoop was the grout in between the tiles. Yeesh. Make sure that if you ever look to buy a house you get a kick-A** inspector to tell you what you’re getting yourself into. Our inspector was crap…but I digress.

The point of the home renovation anecdotes is that I have not had too much time to bake. The only baking I did for the past few weeks was out of a box, which I’m sorry, but just does not count. King Arthur brand gluten-free muffin mix is just not worthy of a blog post. I did make another round of the Amish friendship bread. This time instead of vanilla pudding mix, cinnamon, and raisins, I used chocolate pudding mix and chocolate chips. Chocolate, chocolate chip bread is amazing, my friends. I could have eaten the entire loaf in one sitting.

Doodle bug and I came up to Stafford to visit my family since Kev has the reserves this weekend. Last night I made a no-bake family favorite dessert that we have enjoyed since I was probably in middle school. I have no idea what it is called, so I am calling it No Bake Mousse Pie. It takes only four ingredients and less than ten minutes to prepare. The longest part of making it is letting it sit in the fridge overnight to set.

Per pie you will need:

1/4 cup boiling water

3 0z of a jello flavor of your choice (I made two pies. For the one I used strawberry and the other was blackberry fusion)

12 oz of a yogurt flavor of your choice (I used Yoplait strawberry cheesecake for the one and mixed berry for the other)

8 0z of cool whip

One graham cracker crust (bought from the store or you can do homemade)

Pour the 1/4 cup boiling water into a bowl and add the contents of the jello packet. Whisk until it is mostly dissolved.

Add in the 12 oz of yogurt and whisk until incorporated with the jello mixture.

Add the 8 0z of cool whip into the jello/yogurt mixture and whisk well until it is light and fluffy.

Pour the mixture into the graham cracker crust and put in the fridge overnight (or at least an hour if you have no patience…ahem…like me). Ta-dah! Pie!

This dessert is perfect for the summer because it is light and fluffy. If you are following a gluten-free diet you can pour the mixture into individual souffle cups or even dixie cups if you want to take them to a classroom or a picnic. It is fantastic served with fresh fruit. The glory of these pies is that you can make literally any kind of pie you want. I made a strawberry cheesecake flavored mousse pie and a mixed berry pie. If you wanted to  make a key lime pie, just buy the lime jello and the key lime flavored yogurt. You could buy cherry jello and cherry yogurt for a cherry mousse pie. If you are diabetic or follow a reduced sugar diet, you can use sugar-free jello, plain yogurt, and reduced sugar cool whip. The possibilities are endless. This is a great dessert to bring to family functions and picnics etc. The only people this dessert will not please are those on a lactose free diet. Enjoy!

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